Reviews - Outlaw Efforts

miretRoger Miret
Agnostic Front

I read the entire thing in one sitting. It was intriguing! It’s an adventurous tale of danger and desperation. Getting in the van with the band kind of hit it home for me! The illustration was exciting and a complete compliment to the story! A great collaboration by Natalie Jacobson and Joey Maltese.

mayhewParris Mayhew
NY Cromags

This is the second incarnation I have seen of OUTLAW EFFORTS. The first time I read it in 2002, it was in screenplay form. Natalie asked me to lend my experiences "on the road" to the story and then Direct it as a feature film. Destiny had other things in mind. But, seeing the story now, (seemingly) fully realized as a graphic novel, put a smile on my face. Because I could see more than just the pages Natalie sent me. I saw her muscle.

robinsonNeil Robinson

When Natalie told me she wanted to send me a book to review, I was like, "Oh no, a book with too many words, BORING, my ADD will kick in on page one and I'll be asleep in minutes." Then it arrived and I got excited when I found it was a graphic novel with amazing artwork and an easy to follow story, that I can totally identify with. Once I started reading it, I spent each spare moment I had on it. This is is first graphic novel I have read and now I want to read more. Love this from start to finish!

jimmyJames O.G. Drescher
Murphy's Law

Outlaw Efforts an awesome tale of some of my favorites sex,drugs and rock n roll. Natalie does it again this time in an adult comic about about street kids doing what they do best!

vixenMary Raffaele
aka Queen Vixen, The Cycle Sluts From Hell

Natalie Jacobson's alter ego Maxi is a survivor. She does what she has to do to get off, to pay the rent, to get the band to the next gig, to keep from getting killed, or worse, arrested. Her adventures make for a fun ride into the world of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and the occasional bit of crime. Joey Maltese’s clever and unique artwork brings Maxi’s world to life, and once into this book, I couldn’t wait to get to the next page to see what would happen and how it would look. A funny, dark, and enjoyable read!