Reviews - Outlaw Efforts

George TabbGeorge Tabb

Finally, someone has the balls, or whatever, to but pen to paper and write a story that captures the feeling of Punk Rock’s “Hardcore scene” from a woman’s point of view. And that woman is none other than Natalie Jacobson, a true original, who was not only just part of the original scene, but someone who helped drive and create the entire genre!

Natalie’s book, with neat illustrations by Joey Maltese, really captures those “Wild West Days” Hardcore Punk Rock, when the sky was the limit, and artists and musicians didn’t know the meaning of the words “You can’t do that”. Because clearly they can, and did. Natalie tells her story trough a fictitious band known as “Hell Hath No Fury”, and their manager, Maxi.

Maxi is one tough chick that takes no s***, and can give it as good as she gets it, and even better most of the time. Plus she is kick-ass funny, and the narrative is full of suspense and punk silliness. This graphic novel is both historic in the way things really did happen, and fun.

And Sexy. Natalie really puts on a spin on the subject that has always been considered testosterone-fueled fun. Seeing and reading from the other half’s point of view shows who really has/had the power of that scene, And make not mistake, it’s not the bald walking penises in combat boots, or the liberty-spiked 40 oz. Punk dude who lives in the local squat. Natalie handles some men in the book with both hands and hysterical titles like “human dildo”.

Get this book. Whether you’re a Riot Grrl, Old Skool Punk, or just a scenester, see, read, and live through THIS.