Reviews - Outlaw Efforts

ineffectLew Dimmick
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I always think of Natalie Jacobson as that well-spoken smartass that appeared on the Phil Donahue and Regis and Kathy Lee shows in 1986 and argued intelligently in defense of punk and hardcore, challenging misconceptions and putting the old folks in check. There’s a famous image of her outside CBGB’s with Jimmy Gestapo from Murphy’s Law, her boyfriend at the time, that appears on both the back cover of the New York City Hardcore Together 7” and the front cover of the photo book “Making A Scene”. She drew on her experience in the hardcore scene for her 1997 novel, “No Forwarding Address”, published by 2.13.61, Henry Rollins’ publishing company. She is highly regarded for her spoken word performances, having shared the stage with the likes of Patti Smith, Jim Carroll, and Jello Biafra.

This summer she published a new book, a graphic novel called “Outlaw Efforts”. Its main character, Maxi, is a girl who lives in the moment. Maxi does what she needs to do to survive. Nightclub worker by day, low-level pot dealer by night, Maxi is a hustler. And now she’s on the run. Some shit went down and she needs to make herself scarce—Canada will do. Maxi agrees to drive the van for a band called Hell Hath No Fury. The tour runs from LA to Vancouver. The cops are onto her for drugs. The thugs are onto her because she might have witnessed a murder. And the band is a bunch of drunks, potheads, and whores.

Outlaw Efforts is fast-moving with well-drawn characters and lots of action and lots of laughs. The artwork by Joey Maltese brings the characters to life in a way that feels very natural. I read it one sitting and am eagerly awaiting the next installment. Pick up a copy today! You won’t be disappointed.